The Anti-Cycling Club, Cycling Club

We are broad group of folks from a variety of stations in life.  All with varying interests, and goals but with one common love.   Cycling.  

Cycling Fanatics is based on a premise that cycling should be inclusive to all.   Our members come from all walks of life, all united around a shared passion for cycling.   We have no membership dues or strict rules.   In fact, if you think you have something you’d like to contribute to the collective, please do speak up.  We don’t have membership dues, or officers, but we organically encourage folks who have skills and time to contribute to do so.

Our only prerequisite aside from being a decent human being, is being passionate about cycling.

I used to always have to turn back at Nyack, but now I can dominate bear on my Tarmac.  I was my own worst enemy, but now my mind is no longer a barrier.  And I stopped doing drugs.  I am actually four days sober!     CFNY for Life!! 


I went from knowing just about nothing but how to ride, to someone that can actually help educate others.  4,000+ mi this year, not to mention lost 40+lbs along the way.  Cycling Fanatics changed my life… for the better I hope.