The Anti-Cycling Club, Cycling Club

We are broad group of folks from a variety of stations in life.  All with varying interests, and goals but with one common love.   Cycling.  


Founded in 2017, the Cycling Fanatics started with just two guys wanting to ride together.   Before long, CF grew into larger groups of 25+ regular people who were coordinating at many of the organized rides in the NYC cycling community.   People who wanted to meet other cyclists, but not necessarily committing to be part of a Cycling Club per se.   Over time the groups dialog a simple group chat, originally created to coordinate riding, meeting at events,  became a resource to learn much more about Cycling.   Questions from ‘newbies’ about what to buy, what not to buy, how to fix issues were always met with thoughtful responses by experienced riders. While this was happening many in the group were upgrading their bikes and maintaining them much better than before, and if the improvement in the garage wasn’t enough the training on the road had really raised the bar considerably and really elevated many in the group to become much stronger riders.    Similar to the old adage,  “As steel sharpens steel, man sharpens man”

In 2019 we began to realize that Cycling Fanatics, a loose knit group of cyclists had something special to offer the cycling community.    Which is an open forum/dialog of all things cycling, and a desired to coordinate riding activities in an inclusive way, without the ego, and elitism often found in cycling.   “You can have a fancy bike and not be a jerk ya know”   Later that year we moved from a litany of group chats and consolidated into our a single discord server and launched a website which includes a calendar of rides and events from a variety of clubs and organizations in the Tri-State Area, and some of our now 350+ members have volunteered to lead rides, both locally training laps during the week as well as weekend warrior rides, both adventures for longer mileage and/or social paced rides with emphasis on photos,  historical points of interest and/or foodie stops.

Whether you’re a roadie, into gravel, a commuter or a social rider looking to lose a little weight or a complete and total newbie to cycling you are welcome to join us and see if the Cycling Fanatics vibe is right for you.     This group has seen numerous newbies quickly become go to resources by leveraging the knowledge in the group.  We are all about paying it forward.

Perhaps you find Cycling Clubs intimidating, maybe you couldn’t find a club with the right vibe, maybe you were turned off by the membership fees.  Maybe like so many others you only recently got excited about cycling during the global COVID-19 pandemic.    Everyone’s journey and relationship to cycling is different.   Regardless of the specifics of your journey   Whether you are looking for riding partners, to learn more about training or mechanical issues, or the pros and cons of your next bike related purchase you are welcomed and encouraged to ask.

Cycling Fanatics is based on a premise that cycling should be inclusive to all.   Our members come from all walks of life, all united around a shared passion for cycling.   We have no membership dues or strict rules.   In fact, if you think you have something you’d like to contribute to the collective, please do speak up.  We don’t have membership dues, or officers, but we organically encourage folks who have skills and time to contribute to do so.

Our only prerequisite aside from being a decent human being, is being passionate about cycling.

I used to always have to turn back at Nyack, but now I can dominate bear on my Tarmac.  I was my own worst enemy, but now my mind is no longer a barrier.  And I stopped doing drugs.  I am actually four days sober!     CFNY for Life!! 


I went from knowing just about nothing but how to ride, to someone that can actually help educate others.  4,000+ mi this year, not to mention lost 40+lbs along the way.  Cycling Fanatics changed my life… for the better I hope.