Cycling Fanatics may not be a 501(c)3, but we are a non-profit organization.  With that said, certain members spend a considerable amount of time and money as well as we continually try to improve the experience we provide.    We are extremely grateful to those who have chosen to give us their time and energy to keep the ship moving.   Unfortunately, somethings simply require money.     Right now, that’s largely if not exclusively limited to technology infrastructure.   Things like domain names, web hosting, apps, integrations and plug-ins that could greatly improve our experience.


Do you believe in the mission? Running the infrastructure, and coordinating our activities takes a village.   If you are able to, please consider donating some of your time to the cause.

Donate your time:   Time is the greatest luxury of all.  Saying time is money is an insult to time.  You can always make more money.  With that said, some things are take less time for people skilled in those areas.   If any of the below could fit into your life, let us know.

1. Ride Leads, of ALL flavors  ( Social/Casual, Hammerfests, Park Loops.  Destinations  If you can consistently show up and lead your group let us know)
2. Graphic Designers
3. Photographers/Videographers
4. Marketing / Social Media
5. Coaching / Training
6. Mechanics
7. Happy Hour Coordinators
8. Recruiting and onboarding newbies
9. Maybe you’ve got a good idea, or you want to help but have no ideas. Let us know!