Looking for the best cycling routes in the New York City area?  While during the week, we are mostly commuting, or riding locally in Parks around the New York City area on weekends we tend to ride quite a bit further.  While generally we take the road show over the George Washington Bridge and onto 9W, we’ve been known to ride to Montauk or even to Philadelphia.   Every weekend is a new adventure, particularly in the summer months.   Here are a few of our more common cycling routes around New York City




As with many of our weekend rides we venture across the Hudson River to the West, and head North.   While we begin from all over Brooklyn and Queens in feeder rides meeting at the Williamsburg Bridge, we consider the ride to begin in Fort Lee at a bicycle shop called Strictly Bicycles.

The trip to Bear begins by riding along the wide shoulders of State Highway 9W (and Bike Highway 9) we make our way north, past the 9W market and back into New York State.  We head north through the town of Piermont, and continue onward to Nyack.   Where we have lots of options to stop for a snack, but generally opt for a local favorite, Boxer Donut.

After a quick coffee and a toasted coconut, or maple bacon donut, the continue to cruise onward to the glory of Bear Mountain, but not before one more stop.  A few miles from the base of bear we stop in a quaint strip mall for a bio break, to shed any weight and quick feed for the climb.

Anyone who says there are no Cycling routes in the New York City Area has got it all wrong! 















9W, New Jersey and Northern New York don’t have exclusive claim to Cycling routes in the New York City Area.   There is plenty of good riding all over.   Perhaps most notably at Jamaica Bay wildlife refuge which is a National Park!  Right by JFK.  Who knew?